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Made for horror fans by horror fans. Nightmare Threads is your one stop for horror clothing, apparel, merchandise and a dose of the latest horror movie news and reviews

Nightmare Threads Exclusives

HP Lovcraft Collection

Don't dream your life away. Show off your love for the horror icon HP Lovecraft in this exclusive collection!

Cthulhu Awaits!

Horror Movie News

Cute Killers Collection

It's the cute one's you have to watch out for. Let the world know you're cute and deadly in our Cute Killers Collection

Prices Slashed!

Short Horror Films

"The Jester" - Short Horror Film

"The Jester" - Short Horror Film

If a masked man wants to do a card trick for you in the middle of the night just run.
"Tooth Man" - Short Horror Film

"Tooth Man" - Short Horror Film

After watching this you will probably never forget to brush your teeth again.
"The Halls" - Horror Short Film

"The Halls" - Horror Short Film

There's something more terrifying than the smell of urine in this hallway.
"The Bridge Partner" - Short Horror Film

"The Bridge Partner" - Short Horror Film

Beware of a wolf in sheep's clothing...and visa versa.


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Edgar Allan Poe Collection

Look great forever more in the Poe clothing from Nightmare Threads!

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Original Horror Stories & Content



Today at the park, no one is safe...even the predators are being watched.
5 Unforgettable Zombies

5 Unforgettable Zombies

Some zombies you can't get out of your brain...unless they're done eating.
Date of the Dead - Part Two

Date of the Dead - Part Two

This is part two of our zombilicious Dead Alive fan fiction.
Date of the Dead - Part One

Date of the Dead - Part One

Fan fiction of Peter Jackson's classic, Dead Alive (Brain Dead).