Nightmare Threads Original Horror Content

  • Top 5 Scary Books to Read October 2019

    Fall is the best time to curl up with a good book and scare the crap out of yourself!
  • Top 5 Halloween Masks for 2019

    If your face isn't ugly enough, you can try these masks to frighten Trick or Treaters.
  • Voices

    Today at the park, no one is safe...even the predators are being watched.
  • 5 Unforgettable Zombies

    Some zombies you can't get out of your brain...well unless they're done eating them.
  • Stephen King’s Scariest Characters

    How does your list of Stephen King's scariest characters it stack up to ours?
  • Date of the Dead - Part Two

    This is part two of Nightmare Threads original fan fiction from Dead Alive.
  • Date of the Dead - Part One

    An original fan-created fiction of Peter Jackson's classic, Dead Alive (Brain Dead).
  • Cold Calls - Part Two

    Part One This is Part Two of a Nightmare Threads original story. In this tale, Clint hates his job as a telemarketer.  Sitting in a cubicle night after night is torture. It would eat at his soul…if he still had one. Cold Calls – Part Two *** According to the screen, Esther wasn’t going to be loc...