Stephen King’s Scariest Characters

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Top 10 Scariest Stephen King Characters

      Stephen King has caused more sleepless nights than the boogeyman himself.  Over his career, it’s estimated Stephen King has sold almost 350 million books. To put that in perspective, only around 311 million people are living in the United States. That’s pretty damn impressive, especially when you consider the number of people that don’t even know how to read.

      We give to you now, a list of the scariest characters to ever creep out of the shadow worlds of Stephen King. If we missed any or you think we’re full of crap, leave a comment below. Get your night light ready and enjoy.


1. Pennywise (It) - Who wouldn’t be terrified of a clown that lives in the sewers and eats children? Not only that but knowing Tim Curry played the sadistic Juggalo in the 90’s small screen version, you had to have imagined him wearing his Rocky Horror lingerie under that costume.

Stephen King's Carrie2. Carrie – A high school girl who gets her period and psychic powers in the course of a few days. There may be nothing more terrifying.

Stephen Kin'g's Christine3. Christine - This one would be even scarier if it were set today. Do you know how much it would cost to keep that gas guzzler on the road?

Randall Flagg from Stephen King's The Stand4. Randall Flagg (The Stand) - This guy shows up everywhere. He appears in The Stand, the Dark Tower series, Eyes of the Dragon…He’s like that ex-girlfriend that you run into everywhere and has a knack for ruining everything.

Stephen King's Cujo5. Cujo - I don’t think even a Sarah McLachlan song could make you feel bad for this pup.

Kurt Barlow from Stephen King's Salem's Lot6. Kurt Barlow (Salem’s Lot) - Vampires are just plain scary. Well, that is as long as they don’t sparkle.

Jack Torrance from Stephen King's The Shining7. Jack Torrance (The Shining) - Actually the twins were way scarier than Jack, but he gets the nod just for the classic “Here’s Johnny!” scene.

Stephen King's Tommyknockers8. The Tommyknockers - When I heard Traci Lords was going to star in something called The Tommyknockers, I had something completely different in mind.

He Who Walks Behind the Rows form Stephen King's Children of the Corn9. He Who Walks Behind the Rows (Children of the Corn) - Although the original movie was a classic, I don’t know what’s scarier, He Who Walks Behind the Rows or the following five sequels.

Greg Stillson from Stephen King's Dead Zone10. Greg Stillson (The Dead Zone) - A sociopathic politician who is destined to start a nuclear war. It’s a good thing this couldn’t happen in real life.



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