Boyz in the Wood Official Trailer

Boyz in the Wood
Release Date: August 7, 2020

Boyz in the Wood is a horror-comedy mash-up that premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. The trailer is short, just giving us a glimpse into the psychotic nature of this movie. We see two investigators testing for drugs, when one of them points out that the other is actually rubbing rabbit poop on his gums.

After that, the trailer falls into chaos and we are left guessing at what is happening. This movie follows the search for 4 teenagers lost in the Scottish Highlands after their camping trip goes south because of hunters- hunters that want to kill the teens.

The main plot is that the police are always a little behind saving the boys from the hunters, leading to a weird “follow the leader” sort of scenario. They believe that they are tracking terrorists, although the truth is far from that.

The film was nominated for 2 awards at the festivals in 2019. It won the award for Best Youth Film at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and continues to impress. Luckily, if you are interested in experiencing this wild ride, you only need to wait a few short weeks for it to appear on Amazon Prime.

The movie also offers plenty of social commentary in between the humor and sickening scenes. The best parts of the movie have to be the ones where we can see the interactions between the boys, however. They have their witty moments which can be a nice break from the horror elements.

If you like to watch niche horror movies, then this is something that you should add to your list. You will get chills, laugh, and find yourself rooting for the boys to escape the dangers that pursue them.

Director: Ninian Doff
Writers: Ninian Doff
Stars: Eddie Izzard, Kate Dickie, James Cosmo, Kevin Guthrie

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