Halloween Kills Official Trailer

Halloween Kills
Release Date: October 15, 2021

This slasher horror film is to be the 12th installment in the Halloween series and is the sequel to the 2018 Halloween reboot (which canceled out previous sequels).

The trailer shows that Laurie Strode is still not free from the serial killer Michael Myers. Her and her family can be seen setting their basement ablaze while Myers looks on. Their house is consumed in flames, although we can be certain that the villain survives.

If you enjoyed the earlier movies, you will be excited to find out that Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle are returning for the star roles once again. Plus, if you generally enjoy slasher movies, this should be another fun watch for you- you can expect a lot of gore.

Since there are 12 movies in the series, some of the Halloween films are a lot better than others and we are interested to know where this sequel is going to fall. Michael Myers became a pop culture icon since the first movie released in 1978 and continues to live on as one with these new movie updates.

With the last Halloween erasing the plot of the other, not as good, sequels in this franchise, there is more room to develop the new plot in this film. The story was getting too complicated with the other 10 movies, so seeing the writers now favor something more simple is refreshing. It feels like the movie can hold onto its roots, but still has the chance to explore new ideas after they wiped the board clean.

In short, if you have enjoyed other Halloween movies and favor slasher films, this movie will probably be right up your alley. They tend to follow a formula and it will be interesting to see how this new movie interprets it.

Director: David Gordon Green
Writers: John Carpenter, Debra Hill, Danny McBride, Scott Teems
Stars: Anthony Michael Hall, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer

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