It Chapter Two Official Trailer

It Chapter Two
Release Date: September 6, 2019

      After the refreshingly spooky experience we got with the first It movie surely there’s a lot of excitement for this second chapter. Horror movies sequels tend to go two possible ways, either they completely suck or they are incredibly better than the first one. Hopefully, this goes the first way ‘round, there’s a new cast meant to play the Losers Club once they are all grown up. 

      This one seems to have even more creepy clown action than the first one, and according to what’s in the trailer we are getting to know more backstory of this whole deal. Pennywise’s origins could be unfolded and mysteries could finally be solved in this sequel. 

      It Chapter Two takes us 27 years after the events of the first movie. Now that the boys have taken their separate ways in lives and grew up to getting away from what happened in Derry during their teenage years. Suddenly a tragic call brings them all back together to the little town in Maine. There’s little time to get up to date with each other, as the terrors they thought we’re left behind all those years ago come back to haunt them one more time. 

      The new cast looks great and hopefully, it will have the same chemistry as the young actors had in the first title. But do not worry, the teens are back in this movie to play their roles too, only that for way shorter appearances. Still, Bill Skarsgård plays the terrifying dancing clown again in what promises to be a great performance. There are more than enough reasons to be excited to watch the sequel to the amazing movie based on Stephen King’s novel by the same name!

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