Random Acts of Violence Official Trailer

Random Acts of Violence
Release Date: August 20, 2020

Random Acts of Violence is the story of two comic book artists who start to see similarities between the events of their books and happenings in real life. The serial killer they created for their comics almost seems to be doing the same in the real world- it seems like someone is mimicking the killings that they wrote.

We discover that the artist, Todd Walkley, and publisher, Erza, had taken the story from the comic book from a serial killer who actually existed. While on a press tour for their final issue of Slasherman they stop in the town where the original killer was from. This is when the new killings that represent the comic book panels start.

The plot of this movie looks like it will be an entertaining watch and we are excited to see the mystery of who the real Slasherman is unfold. The film was first shown at the 2019 Fantastic Fest festival and received praise for its delivery of the theme, commentary on media, and violent special effects. One thing is for sure, you will not be bored during this movie.

If you are interested, the film is going to be released in Canada in just a few short days, while the American release can be expected about a month later. Interesting side note- the director of this movie stated that he hopes the movie is scary and makes people unable to dream normally after watching it. We will have to wait until August 20th to see if it is as terrifying as he hopes.

You might be surprised to find out that this same director is also the voice of Hiccup from the How to Train Your Dragon movies. However, you can expect Random Acts of Violence to be vastly different and far more terrifying than the Dreamworks animation he previously starred in.

Director: Jay Baruchel
Writers: Jay Baruchel, Jesse Chabot, Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti
Stars: Jesse Williams, Jordana Brewster, Jay Baruchel, Simon Northwood

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