Run Official Trailer

Release Date: TBC 2020

This thriller was scheduled to be released on Mothers day of 2020 to go along with the themes of the movie. However, due to the pandemic, it never was released. The producers have stated that they are going to announce an official new date when it is safer to reopen the theaters.

The concept of this movie looks scary- a home-schooled teen who needs to use a wheelchair is worried about relying on her mother too much. However, she soon discovers that her mother has been keeping secrets from her about her dark past. The word “RUN” appears many times in the trailer, causing stress, since we see that the main character is unable to run away.

Knowing that she is essentially trapped and reliant on her mother is what is going to make this movie scary. What is interesting, is that it appears that most of the plot is going to take place in their home- adding to the feeling of isolation from the world that Chloe, the daughter, is experiencing.

The director, Aneesh Chaganty, has experience with other movies. In particular, he directed Searching which came out in 2018. The entire movie took place on computer screens and apps as a father took to social media to find his missing daughter. This was a unique take on a thriller movie, hopefully we can expect to see that uniqueness and creativity in Chaganty’s RUN.

Critics and horror fans alike loved Searching and after seeing the trailer, we believe that RUN will have a lot of that same charm. Many horror movies have been delayed due to the pandemic. However, once it is safe to return to movie theaters, you will have RUN to look forward to. We are excited to find out its official release date!

Director: Aneesh Chaganty
Writers: Aneesh Chaganty, Sev Ohanian
Stars: Sarah Paulson, Kiera Alle, Onalee Ames

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