Spree Official Trailer

Release Date: August 14, 2020

While this film was shown in Sundance already, the official American release has been temporarily put on hold. The trailer shows us Joe Keery of Stranger Things as a social media and following obsessed rideshare app maniac. All he wants to do is go viral, but he goes about it in horrible ways.

The trailer makes this look like an entertaining movie to watch. Lately, more and more horror films have been exploring social media- and we like what we are seeing here. Getting a dangerous Uber driver is something that could happen to people today, giving the movie more of a creepy vibe.

The trailer also shows us plenty of cuts of Kurt, played by Joe Keery, covered in blood and endangering his passengers- he even runs someone over at some point. He also seems to poison a man he was giving a ride. The message seems to be about why people want huge followings on their social media and the extremes someone might take to become a viral sensation.

Whether or not the film turns out to be good, we think that it will definitely be an entertaining watch. Most of the appeal comes from the “found footage” segments we saw in the trailer. We hope to see much more of that in the film. You can compare the style of it to Unfriended or Searching.

We are also excited to see more of Joe Keery’s interesting character on-screen and are curious about how far he is going to go to amass a virtual following. He performed well in Stranger Things and we think you can expect more good acting from him in this movie.

However, the trailer makes us wonder “How does this guy keep getting passengers?” and “Why have none of his followers called the police?”. I guess we will have to wait for its release to find out.

Director: Eugene Kotlyarenko
Writers: Eugene Kotlyarenko, Gene McHugh
Stars: Joe Keery, Sasheer Zamata, David Arquette

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