The Cleansing Hour Official Trailer

Release Date: August 13, 2020

Before we analyze the trailer, we should mention that different sites for this movie have different release dates. We believe that this is due to the pandemic causing movie theaters to be shut down. The overall concept of the film also looks interesting, we see what appears to be a streaming set up of an exorcism, that quickly turns for the worse.

The trailer implies that the main character has been performing fake exorcisms as a way to earn money online. When his audience gets bored with his content, he tries something more extreme- however, the fake exorcism turns real, much to the delight of the viewers. The film is very gory and can be seen as a modern take on demon possession movies.

It can also be seen as offering criticism on how we use media to earn reputations and money based on fake content- if the priest character had never tried to gain more views and attention, it would not have resulted in all of the deaths that we see in the trailer.

Despite this, the movie still has its cheesy moments mixed into the gory horror. If you enjoy seeing cliches from the demon possession genre, then this film should catch your eye. Once the movie gets going, it is expected to be much more like a horror slasher film than a paranormal one.

The film is based on the short by the same director, Damien LeVeck. The premise is also much of the same, with one of the character’s names being changed. If The Cleansing Hour sounds good to you, you can always watch the short while you wait for the release for the full movie.

This exorcism story might give you something to think about, as it was made to make a statement on human nature. Plus, despite being dark, it has the feel of a classic horror movie and might even make you laugh.

Director: Damien LeVeck
Writers: Damien LeVeck, Aaron Horwitz
Stars: Ryan Guzman, Kyle Gallner, Alix Anegelis

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