Wrong Turn: The Foundation Horror Trailer

Wrong Turn: The Foundation
Release Date: TBC 2020

Wrong Turn: The Foundation is an upcoming horror film and the 7th addition to the series. There is currently little information available for this movie, although we do know some of the basic plot. The main story follows a group of friends that are hiking the Appalachian Trail when they come into contact with The Foundation- a group of people who have been living in the mountains for many years.

This film is also a reboot and undoes the canon of some of the earlier Wrong Turn movies, although we can expect some of the main plot points to return. The Wrong Turn franchise was started by Alan B. McElroy and revolves around different families of cannibals who hunt people for their dinner- often in gruesome ways.

The main interest of these movies was always the crazy traps used to hunt the unsuspecting people down. There also is only one returning character in every movie, named Three Fingers, who can expect to see again in The Foundation, as he is the only character linking the movies together.

In every movie, there is a family of cannibals who are mute, but still able to communicate with one another. They are extremely ruthless towards their victims and able to design elaborate and terrifying traps.

If you are keeping an eye out for a gory slasher movie that is releasing sometime this year, then The Foundation might be interesting to you. While we are expecting it to be as intense and violent as the originals, we are also curious to see if the producers are going to mix up the formula for this series.

Once the official trailer drops, you can be sure that we will be watching it. It was likely delayed due to the pandemic, as many horror movies expected to come out this year were..

Director: Mike P. Nelson
Writers: Alan B. McElroy
Stars: Charlotte Vega, Matthew Modine, Emma Dumont

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