Alien and Aliens are horror fans’ lucky star and you can’t have s site that sells horror T-shirts without including some designs from these films. Alien, directed by Ridley Scott (1979), and Aliens, the larger, more financially successful blockbuster, directed by James Cameron (1986) is a sci-fi duo that offers a one-two punch of gore, action, and mystery right to kisser of audiences. Debate still continues over whether Alienor Aliens is the better film, but no one denies that both were groundbreaking for their time. Nightmare Threads offers several Alien T-shirts, Aliens T-shirts, and other types of Alien and Aliens clothing; all printed using the finest cotton and cotton blends and shipped right to your door! Luckily no alien monsters will be ripping out of your chest, but you’ll be able to scare everyone that sees you coming in this fashionable apparel featuring the mother xenomorph and other film favorites.

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