Army of Darkness

You’ll be hailing to the king, boomstick in hand while rocking your new Army of Darkness T-Shirt! Our Army of Darkness merchandise is trendy and comfortable clothing that highlights the most terrifying aspects of the Evil Dead Series. Despite a remake of the original, 1981 film as well as a TV series, nothing comes quite as close to perfection as the original trio of Sam Raimi directed films. Before he became a studio-man, bringing to life one of original super hero-focused blockbusters, he and his go-to acting compatriot Bruce Campbell were bootstrapping what would be heralded as one of the best low-budget horror trilogies of all time. You don’t have to have your own Necronomicon or chop off your own hand to scare everyone in this fashionable apparel from Nightmare Threads featuring the heroic Ash Williams.