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Nightmare Threads established in mid-2019 by two friends in Tampa, FL who shared a love for horror and occult movies and television shows. After quickly realizing that they shared a common interest in horror, they also realized that there were not many places for fans to shop for affordable horror merchandise where they could also get the latest news and content. Horror fans have to jump around from location to location on the internet depending on whether they are shopping, viewing, or reading. Nightmare Threads was created to solve this problem. 

What Separates US

Most horror, occult, television merchandisers have the audacity to charge $28+ for a shirt and $5 for shipping on top of that! As a business, we understand that profits have to be made, but taking advantage of customers and horror fans is not the way we intend to succeed. We charge customers some of the lowest prices for our merchandise and charge the minimum amount of shipping possible so that our customers can get the items they want without being robbed. We only make a few bucks on every order placed to pay our staff and to help create content! Also, other sites don't offer news, trailers, or original content! We are here to provide lovers of the genre a place where they aren't pressured to buy if they don't want to. We simply want to create a community where horror lovers can find all the things they love about the genre. Thank you for your support and have fun!