"If It Bleeds...We Can Wear It."

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Clothing For True Predator Fans

A group of battle-hardened soldiers are sent to Central American and led by Carl Weathers’ Al Dillon and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch Schaefer on a mission clouded in mystery. On the surface, they are sent to rescue survivors of a Helicopter crash. However the real reason for their mission is uncovered when they are picked off one by one by the ultimate extraterrestrial hunter. 1987’s Predator is the one that launched the series which included 3 more Predator movies and a showdown with the Xenomorph in Alien Vs. Predator. Celebrate the one that started it all in your Predator T-shirt from Nightmare Threads. These custom horror T-Shirts are made with 100% cotton. Shock your friends and family with this fantastic and unique Predator merchandise!

Predator T Shirts

Most Memorable Predator Moments

The movie Predator boasts a scene that lasts for over one minute of pure unadulterated violence, when Arnold Schwarzenegger and team spray the Amazon jungle with bullets literally cutting trees in half. Predator is the same movie that features the almost Shakespearean quotes from Jesse "The Body" Ventura, "I ain't got time to bleed" and the unforgettable proclamation that "This stuff'll make you a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus!" But by far the scene that will forever be etched in our minds is the epic handshake between Dutch and Dillon. Some have even called it the handshake that could be heard around the world. Never before has their been a clash of testosterone, steroids and friendship as when Carl Weathers and Arnold Schwarzenegger flexed biceps and grasped hands in a way that will forever change the world. 

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