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At Nightmare Threads, your favored spot for horror merch, long-time fans of Teen Wolf can flaunt their love of this furrier variation of Michael Jordan by wearing a stylish and also comfortable Teen Wolf T shirt! These Teen Wolf t shirts feature pictures of the coolest wolf in school. Thrill your "I wish I was born in the 80s" buddies by busting out one of these t shirts at a party! You do not need to a nevous teen taking an 11th grade French test with an overwhelming desire to howl at the more to frighten everyone in this classy apparel from Nightmare Threads including the most unforgettable scenes from Teen Wolf.

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Teen Wolf Movie Trivia

Back in 1985, the only thing that could be cooler than Michael J Fox was Michael J Fox as a werewolf. It really was the best summer ever for Fox since he released Back to the Future in July and then Teen Wolf immediately afterward in August. Though the former will has overshadowed the latter over the years, Teen Wolf still holds it own. Who can forget Street Surfing on top of the Howard Hardware van, the childish chuckles at a basketball team named the beavers, making a bully pee their pants or the famous Teen Wolf T-shirt that read “What are you looking at dicknose?” Though those scenes may be etched in your memory, here are a few Teen Wolf Facts you may not know…

  • The house that Scott Howard and his Dad called home was the same location that George McFly peeped in on Loraine in Back to the Future. 
  • None of the “high schoolers” in the movie were actually teenagers. Michael J Fox who played a senior in high school was 23. 
  • In the scene where Styles is car surfing, it is evident that they pass the same place twice. 
  • Fox at a mere 5’4” needed a body double for the scenes where he dunked during basketball games. 
  • One of the extras in the final scene after the basketball game clearly has his fly down. The film made $33 million while only costing $1 million to make.  
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