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Our They Live T Shirts feature iconic imagery from John Carpenter’s cult classic. All of our designs are hand-printed using 100% ring-spun cotton which makes them durable and comfortable! Also, every John Carpenter They Live shirt comes with a quality guarantee from Nightmare Threads and is quickly delivered to your door. This They Live merchandise collection offers Roddy Piper Shirts, obey shirts, and many more horror designs that revolve around the characters, slogans and images from John Carpenter’s campy masterpiece! Kick ass and chew bubblegum in your new They Live vintage horror T Shirt today!

They Live Fun Facts

  • Roddy Piper's character isn't named in the movie and is listed only as "Nada" in the end credits, which is Spanish for "Nothing".
  • Piper has made more movies than John Carpenter.
  • A news segment in the film complains about the violence in horror films saying "Film-makers like George A. Romero and John Carpenter have to show some restraint."
  • Many of the homeless people in the film were actually homeless hired by Carpenter. 
  • Vince McMahon did not want Piper to make the film. So Piper left the WWE.

They Live T Shirt Dead Wrong Adult




This short sleeve adult t shirt features an alien police officer and the warning "You think they're people just like you. You're wrong. Dead wrong."

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The Classic - They Live

They Live is one of John Carpenter’s most iconic yet underrated films to date. This 1988 classic took some chances that maybe did not resonate with movie lovers at the time. For instance a 5 minute long street fight scene revolving around a pair of plastic glasses might not have had people hanging off the edge of their seats. Also, casting a professional wrestler with little acting experience may have not had the intended effect of bulking up the badass-ness of the movie. Despite these things, They Live has bubbled up over time and has spilt over into popular culture. It’s campiness mixed with it’s very serious message of modern servitude of the working man is a mixture that reverberates with both young and old horror fans.